Saturday, February 20, 2010

Acepromazine Expiration Can I Give My Dog Acepromazine Past Its Expiration Date?

Can I give my dog Acepromazine past its expiration date? - acepromazine expiration

There is an expiration date that are important in medicine for dogs?


Chetco said...

Yes, this is the day, it might not be as effective after that date.
You can still give, and can just as easily as fresh as it was.

I used to have my first aid / emergency switchboard. My vet said it was still very good, even if expired.

Max J said...

If there is a month for two days, you're good. Although it took a few years ... It could be a terrible person. The maturity date has been used on the production of evidence of the stability of a compound as a fixed dose of the drug substance at a particular time. Expired drugs are generally lower than the recommended dose exposure to chemical breakdown over time.

Anonymous said...

all expired drug, it is unwise to give security anything.

clowmy said...

Some medications can run much stronger and kill your animals and humans also ... So no, throw ...


Mommadog said...

Yes, I agree to give. What I learned is that most drugs can still be as good 5 years after the due date. It does not hurt that we either expired taking drugs .. Rarely is more powerful ..

The military, for example, drugs are used up to 5 years after the due date. It's still good to send and not cost, to hundreds of medicines .. ... ...

Steve said...

Meds received weeked after its expiry, but do not give a reason for the most appropriate.
If you Acepromazine should new.

Dogs and Cats

Acepromazine is a tranquilizer used most often for dogs and cats. Reduces anxiety, depression, nervous system and cause decreased blood pressure and heart rate. Can be used in combination with atropine as premedication for fear of failure and the anti-arrhythmia. Acepromazine pills are prescribed to prevent motion sickness, to temporarily reduce itching and scratching due to allergies or prior to office visits, nail trimming or care appointments if the animal is too fragmented to drive safely without sedation. Some veterinarians are reluctant APrewritten acepromazine for travel anxiety when the animal is in extreme temperatures, such as the plane or suspended you may not have limited access to medical care. Other drugs are used against anxiety travel / travel sickness are Meclizine, diphenhydramine and diazepam. Occasionally (especially animals, cats) have a paradoxical response to acepromazine and agitated or aggressive.

What is the need to give your animals?

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